Women Who Submit – PGH


Women Who Submit seeks to empower women and non-binary writers by creating physical and virtual spaces for sharing information, supporting and encouraging literary submissions, and clarifying the submission and publication process.

Founded in 2011, Women Who Submit came together in response to women’s abysmal publication rates in top tier literary journals as revealed by the VIDA count. Founders Alyss Dixson, Ashaki M. Jackson and Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo developed submission parties – safe spaces where women and non-binary writers gather for the sole purpose of submitting their literary work real-time.

Jenny Ruth is working to bring WWS to Pittsburgh! The local PGH chapter is now meeting! If you are a woman or non-binary writer who wants to join the party, contact @WWSPittsburgh or WomenWhoSubmitPGH at gmail dot com.