To My Elected Officials

I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by feelings of fear and hopelessness since…Sandy Hook? Becoming a mom? Orlando?

Today I wrote the following letter to my Representative, Senators, and President.


My family recently moved and this week my 3-year-old son started at a new daycare, which we refer to as “school.” Last night, after his infant sister was in bed, he cuddled with me on the couch while watching his last episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines before his own bedtime. I told him I was happy he liked his new school. He said, “I do too. It’s safe.”

I could not agree with him.

His daycare has all the usual anti-abduction protocols in place at the doors and there’s high fencing around the play yards, but none of that would protect him from a crazy person who can easily and legally purchase an assault-style rifle. Weapons of war are so easily obtained and used to massacre people in our country that it feels like we live in a combat zone. Just to think of it now makes my chest tighten and my heart beat fast.

Anything can happen. We will never be 100% safe anywhere. But we can do something to improve the odds in our favor.

My life, the lives of my precious children, and the lives of all my fellow citizens are worth more than those ridiculous high-powered rifles with high-capacity magazines.

I know guns. I grew up hunting and still own several rifles. I think it’s my familiarity with gun safety, with the seriousness of these tools, that makes me so extra offended by the availability of weapons like the AR-15 or Sig Sauer MCX. These are truly monster machines that have no place in our free and open society.

Please help us. No one is immune to this violence.


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