Book review for EMBER DAYS now live

My review of Nick Ripatrazone‘s EMBER DAYS, a novella and collection of short stories, is now live at Necessary Fiction. EMBER DAYS is available from Braddock Avenue Books, a Pittsburgh-based indie publisher that’s got some pretty awesome titles in their catalog.

Spoiler Alert: I recommend the book and suggest you just go ahead and buy it.

I really dug writing this review. Book reviewing was another one of those solid suggestions I received at Barrelhouses’s Conversations and Connections conference in D.C. (April 2015). When Nick posted to Twitter that Necessary Fiction was looking for a reviewer, I reached out to them and offered my services.

I did my undergrad in writing with Nick at Susquehanna University, so I’ve followed his work as he published books and became a staff writer for The Millions. I knew there was a good chance I’d be into the book and able to find things to say about it. I reviewed a number of other reviews on Necessary Fiction’s site, and felt the format was easy enough to follow. It flowed pretty easily when I sat down for that first draft. Felt good.

So what I’m saying is, I’m open to doing more and will continue to look for more reviewing opportunities.

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