starting a lit mag. easier said than done.

In typical rah-rah fashion, I decided starting a local, community-based lit mag would be easy. I can do anything I put my mind to. I wanted a writing workshop group, so I started one. Lots of writers in the area came out of the woodwork, so I decided we should have a mag.

So I started advertising and putting the word out. hooray!

People are so very excited we exist. hooray!

They really want to help and be a part of it. hooray!

But everyone’s too nervous to hit send and submit their work. what??

I set an ambitious deadline for 522 review, a lit mag focused on Snyder County, PA. When we didn’t get enough work, it didn’t really surprise me.What does surprises me is how many people say they want to submit, but then don’t. I’m really thoughtful about being encouraging without showing any desperation, but I just don’t know how to get people to take the plunge.

So I extended the deadline. What can I do to encourage more submissions? Comments welcome.